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YouTube Downloader API Fast And 99% Video Suported !!!

YouTube Downloader API

Hello Friends,Nice to seeing you again


. Today i got something special for my Webmaster and Application Developer friends. Guess what is that?? Today i am here with YouTube Downloader API by useing it you can develop A application or something similar which can download almost any videos from YouTube!! And sorry if you’re new in programming, then Sorry. This post is not for you. So why should you use this api?

  1. It is fast(Unlike other programs it performs very fast)
  2. It supports almost any YouTube video
  3. It is Free

How to use it?? All you need to Send a request to send a Request to And have to add YouTube link or id in a get request. example: or Thats it The following url will give you YouTube Video information as json, Now you can just decode the returned json and usw it as you want. Here is a example php code:

<?php $json=file_get_contents(“”.$_GET[‘id’]); $json=json_decode($json, true); foreach($json as $data){ echo ‘<a href=”‘.$data[‘url’].’&title=’.urlencode($data[‘title’]).'” >’.$data[‘downloadTitle’].'</a><br />’; } ?>


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